Friday, April 13, 2012

Miracle Hot Chocolate Experience

Well, been hearing alot of the stuff about HOW Miracle Hot Chocolate is. I had been google it however most of the reviewer are malaysian. Thus I decide to give it a try myself.

I bought 3 boxes for 1 month dosage. I bought from a local agent instead of their direct website. Sort of MLM I should say.

Why miracle?

Main Ingredients:
Cactus, Cocoa powder, Dark chocolate powder,
Fruit enzyme (pineapple, papaya, green apple and soybean),
Green tea powder, Lotus leave and safflower oil.

Benefits of Miracle Hot Chocolate
- Weight loss
- Complexion improvement
- Body slimming and fitting
- Saggy skin firming
- Revitalized with a boost of energy
- Better and more regular bowel
- Increase fat cell metabolism to eliminate fatty deposits

Each contain 10 mini pack of 3g coco powder. Eat it 30 min before breakfast. My case is as I sleep around 5am and wake up at 2pm thus I consume these coco powder at 2pm which is my 1st meal. Oh ya, taste is same as milo!!!! I start to feel abit dumb to spent $100 to buy a milo powder. Hopefully it work.
Pour all 3g coco powder into your mouth. And finish it with drinking water.

You must drink at least 3Litre of water per day. Which is not a problem to me as my normal drinking is 3.5 - 4 Litre per day. These coco powder does not require any massive excercise or diet. Well, good for lazy people like me or working adult.

Today is my 2nd day of trying. On the 1st days I got severe headache that last me 12 hour! And today 2nd time dosage, headache as usual plus dizzy. Anyway I also don't know whether can I withstand these pain tru out. The flyer stated it only appear for first 7 days. So we should see.

This is me now.
Weight: 54kg
Height: 158cm
smallest waist: 27inches
widest waist: 31.5inches
hip: 36.5inches
These product is only targeting the lower body, so I just measure the lower portion will do. I got quite a big tummy however photo inside is well hidden I guess. Hee...

Stay tune... I will report my result on day 15 which is 26th April 2012 as the flyer stated you can view visible result on the 15th days.

So stay tune till 26th April.....

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